Air Italy Boeing 737-800


This will be amazing to land at Skiathos when Global is released!


Nice, but please add more substance to it - and also we need a source for a #features request...


Please provide credits to the photographers (unless it's your own) also like said above - a bit more *substance would be kinda required.


And also maybe a better quality picture....


@AtomicHerbster4 and @Aussie_Wombat what do you guys mean by substance?


Add what you think about it - some more specs and details about the plane . Maybe even the airline. How many planes it services. Quite a lot more can be found by looking at other topics.


I like it :)
Would love to fly this through Italy ❤️


That's a really like livery on the 737-800👌


Add a few facts perhaps about the carrier and say why you like it so much - just offer something a bit more than one line.

For example - my request for the Eurowings CRJ-900:


It remains me of the Alitalia livery.


looks cool will be intresting to fly around italy