Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340-300


Please add the Airbus A340-300 from Aerolineas Argentinas

Aerolineas Argentinas A340-300

Well it is an A340-200 and it is owned by Aerolineas Argentinas so, I would assume so?


Actually the other livery sorry that I cant post images as I am on my phone.


Oh ok I got you, hold on


All right thank you!!


I like this one instesd on the new one.


There are a couple other ones, check now.


I like both of them but also it would be great if any of these are included so more south american airlines star apoearing in the game.


Hold on I will upload one now because that livery is not anymore.



Ah that one, saw that one too. Cool livery.


Yeah i like it a lot.


That's LV-CSD, an Airbus A340-300.


Aerolineas Argentinas never operated an A340-200 in the current livery. They were retired in 2014 wearing their old livery.


Oh sorry tiping mistake i'll correct it now.


believe LV ZPJ was the last 200 in their fleet


A nice aircraft, I would love to fly it along the -600.


Cool livery.


The Aerolineas Argentinas livery is really cool, but we don't have an a340-200/300 in infinite flight and we are gonna have to wait a long time for those to come out.


Its an a340-300 not 200