"Active" on Runways page


I think it would be more realistic when the ATC Controller selects the ‘active’ runways.

For example, Schiphol Airport. Maybe the wind is 0 kts but there will be 3 runways open for take off and landings.


The controller does select the active runways 😉As Chris mentioned, no need for an additional page. When the ATIS frequency gets updates , the active runway marks will update also


I was thinking ATC updates ATIS and we get the word “Active” next to the one use for landing.

Thats it plain and simple. No need to read into it too much. Just gives arriving aircrafts the ability to truly make their fpl all the way through to the correct runway


This is spot on to what i was thinking


Good idea and not to hard to implement. Perhaps, I might save a vote for this