Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised


Regional Airlines the fly under major carriers (for example, American Eagle) use there own call signs. Maybe we could add more of them to the game. Currently, there is one for each carrier (such as Compass for Northwest, PSA for US Airways)


Air Canada Express doesn’t have a callsign the current callsign we have “Maple” is used by Sky Regional Airlines on the Air Canada E-175.


I’ll own up, I haven’t done any research on IFC…

Has anybody thought of getting the call sign “Charter Flight” for the generic aircraft livery and our GA’s???


No, some people use generic because they want to reproduce real flights, and charter flights got special callsing ;-)

But I don’t understand the link with GAs


Compass and Blue streak (PSA) are both in the game.


I know. Some of them were missing though. I made a list of which US regional airline callsigns go with the regional aircraft if you want to check it out.


Yes, I’m glad Spirit is on there because after listening to LiveATC and FlightAware Spirit’s callsign is Spirit Wings


Also add Horizon Air to the list please, callsign is “Horizon”

EDIT: Nevermind, it was on the list as Alaska Horizon, not Horizon.