Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised


@Rock77. Suggest you change the Topic Title. Max Sends


Hmmm... "Liveries in IF without a callsign" seems a bit long though... I'll give it some thought. Plus I can't even edit the title, given that its so old :) I'd have to ask a mod.


@Rock77.. MaxSez: " ABSENCE/MISSING CALL SIGNS REVISED" on my copy! What did I or you miss?


I'm proposing a new title, but I haven't changed anything yet, so it's still "Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised"


@Rock77... Don't see a problem as is. There is already a Livery File in Features. Call Signs need more work than liveries as is. Your call, I'm out of here. Regards, Max


Any way someone could add:
ExpressJet Acey


So doing some reading, and apparently all BA flights use Speedbird if they're international and Shuttle if domestic, and the Cityflyer callsign doesn't exist. But not sure, so haven't edited it in


Will KLM's mispronounciation (kilo lima mike) instead of KLM qualify in this list?


I'm not sure about that either. I've made this so long ago that I can't edit it any more, but thanks for the heads up. If you find a good source, feel free to put it in, I guess... Maybe it qualifies as a different feature (doesn't cleanly fit the "Absent/Missing callsign" perfectly).

Edit: My source is Wikipedia, which has Flyer in the callsign section... Not the best source, but that's where I see Flyer, as an FYI.


I believe that is its own feature request. I had the KLM removed because of that... I'm trying to keep this to actual callsigns specifically, not their pronunciation.


@Rock77 , I'm letting you know, I have updated some of the callsigns on the list.


You missed Mexicana Click Callsign "Click"


Does it have a livery in IF?


Yes, on the Boeing 717


I have added it for you.


Lufthansa Cargo's callsign is actually correct.

It is indeed "Lufthansa Cargo".
Corrected that :)


@NetJets_Nick and @Nathan Thanks for adding some new callsigns!

@NetJets_Nick One thing though, I don't see a 757 in ABX's fleet (only 767s). Wikipedia is my source (not the greatest, I know). Unless you're sure of a 757 existing in their fleet, could you remove ABX when you have a moment? Also, I looked at Wikipedia for Expressjet, and they don't seem to operate a livery currently in Infinite Flight. Could you double check, and also remove that if there isn't? Thanks!

@mbmhwue148 Thanks for the catch on Lufthansa Cargo... I know that most cargo branches just use the airline callsign, but there are exceptions.

Thanks all for keeping this up to date!


Check this out ;)


The Swiss 777 uses the normal Swiss call sign. I work st the airport and they use Swiss. Same as the A330


Sorry, my bad. I confused ATI, their parent company's fleet with theirs.