3D Buildings


IF has a ton more aircraft and regions. Aerofly only has two major regions and like 10 aircraft. Also you have to consider Aerofly takes up almost 2 GB and is designed for high performance mobile devices only. The devs of IF is trying to make this a mobile friendly Flight Sim :)


This would be great...

If you deleted every app, picture, and anything that would take up memory, because this would fry your phone with the amount of regions and buildings that will have to be generated.


The buildings don't need to be high quality. Perhaps the buildings may download as you near an airport and as @Wren_Jago suggested this could be an optional setting.


One step at a time ey! Lets get global out the way...


You also have to remember the limits there are in having a app on a phone. The amount of storage it would take to have all that in IF is far beyond the capacity of a phone. Although they have all that in FSX and Xplane most of the people using those features have gaming computers etc which can actually process it


We all want terminal buildings in airport ! And remember like Finn said it's a phone simulator


We don't need any 3D buildings. Why when IF goes Global it will knock the socks off other apps. We already have 1600+ high quality airports a lot more than the matchstick airports in XPlane. The editing team is doing a ton of work in the background. 3D buildings are just eye candy.


Correct, when I fly now I don't mind that we don't have 3D buildings. The outlines alone are enough for me. Sky textures and Global flight is higher on my priority list. The rest can be added later IMO.


I agree totally with you @Kilt_McHaggis!!!
Our next big project after global and the MD-11 update should be at least low rendering terminals
Like just brownish tanish buildings at airports (also taxiway lights)


You say you agree with him, yet you say we need buildings.. Sigh.


I would like to say our request, but we all know that's impossible for a phone simulator ! Have a nice day :)


Sorry I was trying to say that some people think we need 3D buildings ASAP I say we DO need them, just later on down the road like he said we have more than 1,600 highly detailed airports for global done! Global is our main problem then the MD-11 and then possibly buildings (or CRJ Rework👏🏽)

I am sorry that I mixed up my thoughts and wants.


Well streaming the required data would be an option, just like the upcoming global terrain.


This is an awesome idea, but at least in my personal opinion it'd be better to wait for more powerful smartphones, tablets & to where people can afford the nicer technologies. It might create freezing, lag, also take up a lot of storage and RAM. But I do support this feature request post.


Laura actually said recently that they are building software that will eventually make it easier to add buildings. Check the 'Evolution of Global Flight' topic if you don't believe me. (You'll probably have to scroll up a few hundred comments to find the right post)


I think it's a pretty nice development imho 😆. Although I believe it won't be implemented in near future as some of IF User' phones don't have an enough memory to handle it at the moment and the system may takes a long time too I guess


In an instagram post on Laura's account somebody asked if 3D buildings would be added and she said No, but the satellite terrain we will use will make it a bigger possibly of getting 3D buildings in the future


I think it would be cool to see 3D terminals and jetways
I would actually be fine just with 3D white blocks for a terminal lmao


I don’t really care for these. The rendering of the buildings will kill most people’s devices in my opinion.


Not really because FDS is adding the whole world to IF (global) and that isn’t going to kill some devices, that is why they made this topic

Phillipe even said that to handle future updates the minimum device requirement will be higher than before