3D Buildings


Maybe they most try to make at least at one airport d3builings


Try suggesting this on the simulator, would go straight to Flight Development Studios (FDS).


See they say that it would kill the iPads but Aerofly do it and Extremelandings


aha you see in the future


This would be cool and somehow i had a dream about flying and 3d buildings in if


how x-plane did it?


this is an AMAZING idea


Yep man 😎😎👍🏼


By having fewer regions, larger game size and low resolution.


Any ideas?


I think terminal buildings as a bare minimum should be a priority to add to the realism of the game. These could be visible from a certain distance or turned off in the settings to reduce RAM usage for different devices etc.

As much as I love IF, taxi'ing around international airports without taxiway lights and terminal buildings just doesn't cut it (as a paying customer). Even low quality polygons would be better than painted outlines?

As for time and resources - compared to the detail of the aircraft I don't think basic terminal buildings would take too long (speaking from 3D modelling experience). Maybe get the community to submit 3D models of buildings if resources are that restricted (a bit like the google maps 3D buildings project).


And a visible control tower.


Also, it would be nice if it had an option to change the graphic quality of the buildings. For example, this would affect the textures of 3D buildings, details, etc...


that's not true, if you look at xplane 10, they have a lot of 3D buildings @KLM_Pilot


Maybe soon we'll have this but lets wait for awaited global then this might be the next Big project that will eventually come.I believe the devs had already started working on this so..it might not be that far off


Everyone wants buildomgs an all i want os taxi lights that actually light up the taxi way. Lmao


They have in the early years of IF but there were many issues with it:


Yes that was FDS's oringinal IF account


I think this would take too much memory. Memory that phones aren't capable of.


I never knew about that account i thought it was on Fb only


After seeing that picture and your explanation, I think better to see what we have now than add those buildings :/