[3 ATTENDEES!] Spitfire Formations! @ KRIV - 291600ZSEP18


This is just a post to get this to the top :)


I want a gate! (coming as airforce 738!) thank you very much


Sure! Thanks for coming!


I am unable to come now as I have just remembered I have my own event to go to, sorry!


That’s k, have fun at the Bermuda Fly-out!


Anyone want to swap or have gate Mil 02?


good morning, somebody willing to train the route today in a cirrus?


I think so, if you want, we could hop on casual! @puma30498


excelent captain , lets go. if any one else wants to come , feel free to do so.


Anyone want to join the event? Ideally it should be 3+ people, and an odd number so we can fly in a ^ formation 😸


8 days until the event! Problem is, not very full, so on the 29th at around 1300Z, I’ll check if we want to push it back, if not, we can proceed