>10,000 ft Airports Ready for Global


KADW-Joint Base Andrews Airport-MARYLAND-USA by moritzbabl


VOPB-Port Blair Airport-ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR-INDIA BY ChrisLevet232


UEEE-Yakutsk Airport-SAKHA-RUSSIA BY Aviationluver






Just love that airport and island. Only good memories in my head for this one.


GOOY-Leopold Sedar Senghor Intl-DAKAR-SENEGAL BY JcFl4


I can’t access the Google Earth map you made showing the airports. This is what it comes up with.

Can you fix this please?


Worked fine for me ;)

Refresh your browser or try a different browser.


Be careful what you are pointing to. There are so many artifacts on this forum. After a while we are removed from the ability to update entries. As you can guess, this plot is an ever growing list. I have moved the master to be under my control. What I mean is since I can no longer edit many of my entries here on the forum I created a new safe source. The plot on my web site should be active. At least I have control over it to keep it up to date.


See end of main page!


SLUY-Joya Andina Airport-POTOSI-BOLIVIA by MoisesIriarte


SLHI-Chimore Airport-CHIMORE-BOLIVIA by MoisesIriarte


LIBR-Brindisi Airport-APULIA-ITALY by brunocr98


KDOV-Dover AFB Airport-DELAWARE-USA by Blently


NZSP-Jack F. Paulus Skiway-SOUTH POLE-ANTARCTICA BY brandon1419


UWLL-Ulyanovsk/Baratayevka Airport-UL’YANOVSK-RUSSIA BY ErshovlaD


London Luton EGGW has now been updated to include the new GA stands and new apron markings seen in the latest google earth imagery!


Where on earth is Luton Airport 😱 Also @ItsWill the airport isn’t even 10,000ft so it should not be mentioned in this topic!


Somewhere in Pittsburgh I believe, @Moritz @ewanfleming @BavariaAVIATION @ThomasR can elaborate I believe


ZWWW-Urumqi Diwopu Airport-XINJIANG UYGUR-CHINA by CNwyang


LSGG-Geneve Airport-GENEVE-SWITZERLAND by brunocr98