>10,000 ft Airports Ready for Global


Thanks for editing Chinese airports, hope you edit more Chinese airports .


I have a listing of these here:

This list is growing


What about west palm beach International KPBI


KPBI will get down once I fly into Florida.


ENGM-Oslo Gardermoen Airport-AKERSHUS-NORWAY by Aviationluver



VAAH-Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport-GUJARAT-INDIA by Blently



LFOK-Chalons Vatry Airport-CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE-FRANCE by MajorTomMueller



I’m working hard on it. It’s taking a while.


Awesome! Thanks for the hard work.


All of these look great so far. I can’t wait to fly to them when global comes out!!


MUVR-Juan G.Gomez International Airport-MATANZAS-CUBA by cptchris



Last time I checked no one has edited KPIT yet. With 3 10,000+ Ft. runways it has to be on the list right? Have some difficulties come up there?


@Chad_Garnett It’s being edited at the moment.
P.S. I’m not the one editing it


Airport editors always on the ball. Thanks for letting me know!


Is anyone doing EGSH - Norwich International Airport?



Credits to the person who did it.


@brunocr98 oh wow! Thanks to whoever did it, my local airport.


KPIT is almost wrapped up by yours truly 😉


Thanks for your hard work! Excited to see it!


I want to see SAEZ when global is realized, I love that airport