>10,000 ft Airports Ready for Global


ZLIC-Yinchuan/Hedong Airport-NINGXIA-CHINA by CNwyang



Is their a list that we can see of the airports done, but the updated list


ZYTL-Dalian/Zhoushuizi Airport-LIAONING-CHINA by CNwyang





GMTT-Tangier Ibn Batouta Airport-TANGER-TETOUAN-MOROCCO by ewanfleming



May I see KCVG? Last request. Thanks!


Not done yet.
Just look at kilts Google Earth Chart.


I’ve noticed the lights being marked on your plans, are they coming with Global? Forgive me if this has already been asked and answered - I didn’t fancy scrolling through 600+ messages for the answer!


They aren’t coming, we just add them as they should be there and secondly if they are ever added they’ll already be in most airports


Awesome, thanks for the answer buddy! 👍🏼


It’s our choice to add them or not. So far it’s not rendered yet but we look forward to be available in a future update.


so they will only add the big airports in every country in IF or are they adding all aiports in the whole world?


KCVG is currently being redone according to our database:

As you can see, it’s assigned to @NetJets_Nick. It all depends on him for the airport to be done, we appreciate your patience whilst he finishes the job 🙂


Every airport of the world will be added regardless of their state. Global = World.


LGRP-Rodos Diagoras Airport-NOTIO AIGAIO-GREECE by moritzbabl


What website is this? Can you leave a link? Thanks!


A website known only to editors. You’re not allowed to know unless you are an editor.


If you check out my website you will see all of the complete airports listed there by country and lots more.



It’s a website which is supposed to be restricted to public, because we don’t want foreigners messing around and causing trouble and confusion.


Please use this site