>10,000 ft Airports Ready for Global


Oh yea of little faith. I am the librarian. I am adding the finishing touches - before it is gated!


LLBG-Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport-HAMERKAZ-ISRAEL by sumith11



Thanks Kilt! That Airport Editing Team is amazing hahaha.


Check out the NAV link I placed under the image! - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-UR84lbYzkNeDEwNkdsTktrWmc


TJBQ-Rafael Hernandez Airport-AGUADILLA-PUERTO RICO by Blently



Wow, you’re really putting a shift in mate. Thank you for all the help…

I must ask to confirm that the blue and green dots are taxiway lights and centre lights? If so, I am amazed. You go into such detail it’s incredible :-)


Yes these are lights. They are included in every airport. Hopefully IF will make them functional some time soon ;)


OEYN-Yenbo/Prince Abdul Mohsin Bin Airport-AL MADINAH-SAUDI ARABIA by Syafsid



Well I’m impressed. And thankful for your efforts


Just a quick question, I’m just wondering why Duluth is there, but Minneapolis isn’t? I’m just surprised that a smaller, less busy airport would be added first. (Not trying to be offensive, just asking an honest question). But everything else looks amazing!


Well, Minneapolis was edited too. :)
Check out the post below:

Credit to @Aviationluver.


Ok, it just wasn’t on the list. Thanks tho


Yay worldport is being added!!


It IS in the list


HKJK-Nairobi Jkia International Airport-NAIROBI-KENYA by Aviationluver



Why is that so important it is just a movie and it is just an airport get over it is just was Normal airport that they closed to film fast and furious 6


He was making a joke about the length of the runway in the movie.


Oh ok then I guess don’t worry about it then


ENBO-Bodo Airport-NORDLAND-NORWAY by MajorTomMueller



FALE-King Shaka International Airport-KWAZULU-NATAL-SOUTH AFRICA by Aviationluver