>10,000 ft Airports Ready for Global


116 Airports as of 11/16/16

Community Project: American State Capitals

KEWR:Newark Regated


This is a great amount for how little time there has been. Is there anywhere we can view the layouts?


You would have to use LiveFlight Horizon for that.


That's disappointing. Oh well, time to wait for these to roll out then.


This is amazing... I'm otherwise speechless...


I do recommend buying it though. It's very affordable and well worth the purchase.


Not affordable when you have no source of income.


Why do those African city airports have super long runways and that's a legit question


no idea in the world


The real question is, where is the airport from Fast and Furious 6?


I wonder who pushed for KFWA.... Nevertheless, it's an airport that you all will enjoy. ;)

@techno.02life: In higher temperatures, aircraft generally need more runway to provide the lift needed for takeoff. The engines suffer from inefficiency in the kind of heat that Africa has during the majority of the year. Heat thins the air, generating much less density for the engines to take in.


Ohhh never took the weather into account thanks for the explanation


yayayayayaya!!!!!!!! airports and newark!!!!! I'm so excited for global! :) are we going to have buildings for global?


Is Auckland not done? Both of its runways are 10,000ft+


Auckland is in the A380 list


@DavidCutler did :)


I feel so stupid...I thought it was talking about airports over 10,000 feet elevation...😂


Billund! Awesome job, guys! Keep the great job! Can anyone maybe send a picture of EKBI to me? Want to see it


Can't believe this much had been done in such a short amount of time! Amazing!