(1 week away!) FlySwiss Virtual / dynamX air show @ LSZH - 251900ZFEB18


Ok that’s fine, hope to see you at our next event!


Unless I’m mistaken, the speed restrictions don’t apply to fighters. I can do 450 knots plus at low level on expert. I’ve done performance takeoffs, unrestricted climbs, run and break manoeuvres and more on the expert server without any issues, or warnings regarding aerobatics.


I might be able to join, still can I have a gate


Is there not a problem if you’re flying upside down?


Apron D 11 is yours, see you on the 25th


I’m not sure. If the event is on the training server it’s fine. If ACT is available everything is ok.


There is no atc on casual server


Oh, has it been changed? I thought it was on training. Well I guess myself and the other air show pilots will be communicating on Discord, so ATC doesn’t really get used.