[Three weeks to go] Caribbean jet off @EGKK- 1010300ZAUG18


I will be conducting a few flight tests for the most efficient flight/ a flight that can fit around ATC


Sorry, what grade are you?


Some gate changes have been made


Gate 23-BA772-BA662, please


Cool, i’ll make your callsign speedbird 662, what grade are you? I have moved to gate 21 (for realism) shall i move you to 22


I am grade 2 but my 5 violations remove in a few days so I’ll be grade 3.


I would like to be virgin428 at gate 105


I will like gate 105 with virgin789 and callsign Virgin 0528,sign me up buddy,see you there!


Okay, thanks for participating


Sure you have been added, what grade are you?


I’ll change your gate to 104


What grade are you?
Thanks for oarticipating