Guess the airline and aircraft!


Good luck!!


I’m gueesing it’s a helicopter since u posted.


I that really is a helicopter or as i belive it to be a Cessna, may i say to refrain from posting any pictures of a GA or Helicopter, anything that isn’t airline based. That means no Heli nor GA, Military works i would guess since they are operated by a government, they have a operator which is at a large scale unlike a singular pilot who flies a Cessna…

But if your picture is a airplane which also is an airliner then that’s fine, but highly doubt your to be that unless it’s some random charter flight that hops between islands…?


Our company is an airlines with a 135 Certificate along with scheduled passengers and mail service. So I currently meet all the requirements ;)


What airline and plane model?


Southwest Boeing 737-800


Dude not your turn yet wait


I apologise for replying to that one


Is this Agusta Westland?
Im not good with helis!


Okay good someone got it!


Delta CRJ7 I’d not have than CRJ2


It is not! Good try! =)


this is confusing!!
who’s post are we guessing on??


Hmmm… Is it a Cessna 152?


Currently we are trying to guess on @markstursy’s post.


It is not your turn.


rip me then. Who’s turn is it?


Hard man!! Is it a heli or a plane?


Try this one:


That is an B737 Max, dunno the airline, could you give us a hint?