Global Flight - The Log Book


Delta Connection/Skywest Flight 7332 (KTUS-KSLC)

My first actual flight in the CRJ-900. I was pretty impressed! It’s not that different from the CRJ-700, but both are fun to fly ;)

Scenery is amazing!

Grand Canyon National Park.

Parked at Salt Lake City.

NetJets Flight 990 (KCOU-KOMA)

I can’t seem to find the flight data for this flight anymore, but NetJets Aviation uses the same flight number for different routes. This was a fun quick hop from Columbia to Omaha in the Cessna 750 Citation X. The best part was cruising at MACH 0.90!

Beginning the descent into Omaha!

Allegiant Airlines Flight 1107 (KBNA-KMYR)

A quick hour long flight from Nashville to Myrtle Beach. Scenery was okay, nothing to write home about, but if I would have been descending in the opposite direction into Myrtle Beach I would have been a little more impressed.

Heading east at FL350.

Qantas Flight 27 (YSSY-SCEL)

This was perhaps the most interesting flight, NOT SCENERY WISE, just the story behind it. I flew Qantas Flight 27 between Sydney, Australia and Santiago, Chile in the 747, but this is interesting because it is known as a “Southern” Flight, since it travels over the Southern Ocean near Antarctica, then to the North while following the Andes Mountains. However, the interesting part is that people observe this flight to debunk theories about the Earth being flat. What do you think? ;)

Climbing out of Sydney!

The next morning, at around 11:30 (in game time), over the Southern/Southern Pacific Oceans.

Following the Andes Mountains North towards Santiago.

Parked at Santiago after a 13 Hour overnight flight!


Kazan to Moscow
Flight time:1hour
Cruising altitude:38000 feet


Delhi (VIDP) - San Francisco (KSFO)
16 hours

The 777-200LR was filled almost to capacity with 90% load for this long flight. Takeoff roll was very long, using most of the 14,000 foot runway, followed by a quick turn to the right and increase in climb.

Flying over Shanghai:

First glimpse of land after crossing the Pacific:

Beautiful scenic approach into San Francisco:


I planed to do LAX-BNE in the Delta 777-200LR but due to high winds when I woke up I was still 2 hours away and I had 1 hour fuel left and I was conviently approaching New Caledonia so I diverted there!


That’s London City, not Heathrow.


I flew to London City. Anyhow, let’s get back on topic 🙂



United Flight 30 in a 777-200ER in United livery

Took 7hrs 9mins, unfortunately I neglected to screenshot NMI and fuel used but at one point I did have a 75kt tailwind which was nice.



Japan Airlines flight 69

JAL 787-9

Took 11hr 55min and burned 67,486kgs of fuel.

I forgot to copy the route info but I got it off the thread with suggested routes. Good flight that I’ll do again.