Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


i just saw that video im my reccomended


A video of a historcal day for the Miami Airport. The first take off EVER of an commercial A380 at this airport in June 2011. It is so funny to hear the comments of the public at the fence, especially from the 2:30 mark.


Hahaha oh dear this video made me laugh a lot.

BTW, watching from 2:30 onwards resulted in this:

many facepalms



These people have obviously never seen an A380 😂





My mother in general thinks when I’m talking on the phone organising a group flight friends and making the briefing thinks I’m talking jibberish


That makes no sense.
Ian Cosgrove There are no passengers in a cargo aircraft.


All very much green screened


It’s not green-screened, just extreme parkour.


Do you have any proof of that? 😕


Yep. Look at the scene where he’s going through the ground operations/baggage area. Nobody is allowed down there and if you look really closely you can see an outline around him.


Wife: can you pick Willow up from nursery?
Me: can’t, not at home, soz
Wife: where are you??
Me: cruising comfortably at FL360 enroute to the Algarve with some sweet tailwinds
Wife: you’re an idiot

Disclaimer: of course I picked her up


Im going to the Algarve Resort in Portugal in a few weeks. Will be landing at the famous Faro Airport (LPFR)


Never trust Wikipedia:


It probably means that for the 747-400.


It shows a picture of the 747-8i, however.



Person #1: I wish we had flying cars.

Person #2: We do! They’re called planes!

You can guess what I did.


When my relatives calll the 747 a double decker/a380.


When my mom thought a 737 was on fire because of landing lights