Funniest stories of Non-Avgeeks


So in school we were doing trigonometry and one
problem said “If a plane is flying at 100,000 feet and only has 5 miles to get to the runway, what should it’s angle of descent be?” That is about as bad as it gets.


Oh dear we have reached a new low everyone


Easy, simply do 5/18.939(tan^-1) to get an answer of 75.212 degrees nose down mother of God!


Tut tut, you didn’t convert feet to miles.


Dang it just realized that, let’s try again…


Fixed it. 75.212 degrees. Not something you want to experience, lol. 😂


Well, it’s better than 90!


By my calculations you would have to make a vertical dive, like around what GolferRyan said. The scenarios would be 1. You would make a vertical dive, you would crash, and everybody would die, also you forgot the seatbelt sign, 2. You would make a vertical dive and then immediately pull up, but everybody is injured severely, like what happened on that China airlines flight that happened over the ocean, 3. Before any of this happened, the pilots would look at the nautical miles, and see that its 180.00 nautical miles, they would start descending and before that they would put the seatbelt sign on and slow down. (Obviously)

P.S. If you were 100,000 feet high up you would descend as much as you can and then make a go around.

Thank You!


Oh dear…😂😂😂😂😂



And now convert it from miles to kilometers


When you see this:
SpiceJet, whose chairman and managing director is Ajay Singh, operates a fleet of Boeing and Bombardier Q-400s.
Found it on NDTV (one of India’s major news channels). Never seen a Boeing Q-400.


Friend: Yeah, I’ve always wanted to become a pilot. Too bad I never actually pursued it.
Me: Ah. Well. Isn’t Adam’s dad a pilot?
Friend: Yeah he is, he works for Emirates.
Me: Yeah, I saw him just now. Didn’t know he was a pilot.
Friend: Yeah…Emirates is a really good airline. They’ve got tons of planes, and they’re ordering more Boeing 780s. They’re very nice!
Me: (prepares to give hour long lecture on aircrafts and how a Boeing 780 DOES NOT EXIST, but instead:) Yes.
Me: Screams in agony internally


One of my best friends that plays IF says he’s an aviation expert. I mean he does know the basic of which plane is which but doesn’t know what FLAPS OR TRIM does…


My dad had only recently discovered that Airbus was an actual company and not a model of plane.

Also he thought liveries were hangars.


I just say “paint job” when around non av geeks. Because everyone gets really confused when I say liveries


When I see a plane and know what it is, my friends say “lol planes are stupid” sometimes they say “OMG that lambo is doing 230 MPH!”
Me: “Oh wow could that Airbus A320 go any slower? It’s doing 440 MPH…”


Whenever my friend who is into cars tells me how fast a certain car goes, I smile at him and say, “Well can that car go 450 MPH?”


🤣 @ChiknNRiceGaming ahhh just like mine!


I feel your pain… It’s awful, ”it’s a Qantas Link Dash-8 Q400 on downwind into runway 26L!” ”ok”


I can see where he thought about the Airbus type of aircraft