Flightradar24 Findings


Found the Boeing Dreamlifter.


Probably delivering 787 parts


Also just find this just out of Seattle.



I wonder why QF28 diverted to Canberra.


AirItaly 737Max delivery

Surprised on the 737 Max Range for 8 hrs almost


Anyone want to track my flight

If there any issues on the flight tell me as I once had a go around on Jet2 and we never knew why


The aircraft is empty so that increases the range of it, I think before delivery thought it is going to the Farnborough Airshow.


QF27 Diverted to NZCH yesterday Squaking 1337


The second Qantas A380 in the new livery at LAX:


Didn’t know American operated Gulfstreams.


Not sure why this diverted yesterday


They come to my town all the time!


can someone please explain? The registration says it’s a 747-8, but anyone know why it’s doing. Testing in Russia and why it’s using Aeroflot (SU)? Maybe Russia’s getting a new government 747-8?


Philippine Airlines’ first A350 XWB is coming home.


Flight radar has already updated the name


Croatian football team is coming home from Moscow


Thunderstorms in New York. My flight from Montreal to Chicago was delayed 2 hours because the inbound flight from LGA was delayed from storms


Its just a 777. Probably a Flightradar glitch



Caught an American 727 flying near Philadelphia. Registration N717AA. It landed at qDITqwe: False alarm…just a glitch lol.