Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Someone please make a Air New Zealand A380 or 744


I made theses liveries for a project i had to do where we had to make an airline. What do you think?


Lucky…what class are you going to.


its a two week aviation camp in Indianapolis


That’s cool for a second I thought that was part of your school curriculum. Lol


Airbus A350-900 Uzbekistan Airways.
Template by Med.


Swiss Airlines B777-9X (100% Fictional).
Template by @the777fan.



Credits to Namika and BFS for dirt effects


Boeing 787-9 El Al Retro Livery.
Template by Med.


And I’m back with liveries. Took a short break and started with something simple. @Blake_Burrow 's livery for inspiration. Happy to take any requests!


Airbus A340-300 Avior Airlines.
Template by Med.


How about an EVA air 747-400 in the new livery? I would greatly appreciate it!


Sure, I could do that. Expecting it should be done in the next hour to two hours


I’d love to see a Eurowings A350-900 or a British Airways A350-900 please!


Brussels Airlines B777-300ER (100% Fictional).
Template by Med.


You mean the Airbus 180-300LR. Nice livery though.


My repaint of Lufthansa would look like this:


Hey @Davi_William_Pereira and @the777fan what program do you guys use? I see a lot of people using this one.


We use pixelmator. :)