Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


What software do u use


I use Pixelmator on my iPad Pro


Can I suggest from now on when asking for a request, we use a certain format to help the creator gain as much detail as possible?


Any requests?
Please use this format -
Airline -
Aircraft -
Version of Livery -
Aditional Information -


Airbus Industries
Beluga XL
Newest livery
It is the one, that realy looks like a whale!


Beluga xl is not a template available to us


Swiss CRJ-700.

Helvetic Airways CRJ-700

Any requests leave them bellow.


Boeing 777-300ER Alaska Airlines (Template version).
Credits on Image.


Give up on photoshop mix get sometging better


Livery Request
British Airways
Lockheed L1011 Tristar
New Livery with the Coat of Arms.
Reg as G-BCBG please!


That profile picture though.
Anyway, I have a request!
Jetstar Airways
Regular livery
They don’t operate the 789.


I’m kinda curious what your problem is with the editors that other people are using. They can use what they want, and this isn’t exactly the AE galleries. If you want to help them improve (as is so often the excuse,) I’d recommend politely recommending something specific, rather than just “something better”.

I get that it’s pixelated, but let’s try to be polite


i didn´t have an account, but when i saw your picture about this a380, i created an account. you are the best i follow you on instagram too.


Yeah I want to but my iPad has hardly any storage. I’m gonna get a laptop or an IPad soon though


Boeing 737 MAX 9 Primera Air.
Credits on Image.


What if LATAM have A380?


Template by Medviation


Fresh start


KLM DC-10 Retro Livery!

Livery by myself and template by Medviation!