Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


McDonnel Douglas MD-11 Union de Transports Aériens (UTA).
Credits on Image.


@Deltabro Here the Independence Air 757-8 MAX.
Template by:@Cayden_Smith


Thanks! The template is by @Cayden_Smith. I love that livery!!!


@Davi_William_Pereira great livery, sorry if i was unclear, but i meant a livery like this:

credits @Cayden_Smith


@Eliel_Felipe45, you have to see this!


For Anyone Who’s Interested/Highly Skilled:
This is the original design of Caribbean Airlines

Is it possible that someone can create a different livery using this bird on the tail (It’s transparent)

And with this flag design below the first few windows of the aircraft near the front?


United new livery concept
Template credit goes to Medivation


@HockeyMan06 could u take a shot?


Template credit goes to Medivation


Looks wonderful! Thank you !


Your welcome! Anytime


AvChallenge #1:

The AvChallenge series is a daily contest to create, design, or do something else with a livery. The challenge will be posted every day at 9 am ET, starting Saturday, June 9. To enter, tag me before you post and mention that you want to join. I will rank the liveries and the winner would get bragging rights and a virtual cookie. The challenge will run from 9 am ET and end at 6 pm ET. So, here’s the test challenge:

Create a livery that looks like this:

On this plane

(credits @Cayden_Smith for both)

Whoever has the best recreation of the livery on that plane wins!


Wow, very pretty, congratulations, man.


I am assuming most of you use photoshop? Or are there any other programs I may want to try?


I think people here use gimp…


I’m sure many use Pixelmator actually.


A United MAX 9 in an updated livery. Thanks for the idea @HockeyMan06!


Before I sign off, will anyone join the challenge?


Yes, I saw it, very beautiful.


I miss FLEET. Anyone remember that?