Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


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When in DropBox, click the three dots in the corner. Then click “Export”. Which will take you to a few suggestions. You can then click “copy link”. That’s how I share my .psd files atleast. Hope this helps! 😊


To post a .psd file from Dropbox go to share on the image and create link then copy the link and paste it for people to use


Siberian Airlines received this plane back in 1995 and since then, has received 24 out of the 30 they ordered. They fly this plane all across Europe and Russia. On March 10 2016 a Siberian Airlines TU-204 crash landed at Moscows’ Vnukovo International Airport, with 23 major injuries and 13-15 minor injuries.


Siberian Airlines (SBQ) introduced a new livery and logo in 2017 on an ATR-72. Av-geeks went absolutely MAD over it. The new dark, metal like grey was what attracted most people. Siberian Airlines previously was never known for having grey on their planes. SBQ changed their interiors as well to compliment the new livery.

SBQ Estimates that most of their planes will be repainted to the new “Gun Metal” livery by 2023.


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Could someone put an independence air livery and a America West livery on this plane pls? ^


I do not wish to rush but I believe a user known as @United-Express was in the making of a revamped UAL 757-200. I would like a status update on the planes progress as I am eager to see how it will turn out!


Air France Retro A380:

Template: Med
Livery Design: Me


Nice! @Daniel14, @Davi_William_Pereira and anyone else who wants to try, could you please do an independence air livery this plane:

with this logo and font:

Both credits @Cayden_Smith