Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Whats a design that you would create for your own airline! Share your pictures here… create a picture using any tools or applications, either its on paper or on a program! Whatever the aircraft.

Also if you can’t think of a design feel free to change an existing livery!

Recommended online sites to design a airline:

1. (Click Here) -

Recommended aircraft template sites:

1. (Click Here) -

2.(Click Here) - Transparent Template Center (Recommended)

@JFKPlaneSpotter101 (Artist) I know your interested in this… :)

Australia Fleet redesigned:

Personal Best creations:

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@BavariaAVIATION is a great livery designer ! we have a lot of good liveries for TravelSky Virtual Airlines


Not the best designer but hopefully thats alright for me…


I’ll try this


Good idea, may give this a try some time 😄.


I do livery designs on Instagram


Cair regional dash-8


Post down here! Also @Narroc_Wim good job, it looks nice.


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I do them for people on Instagram with help from another person.


How about decals? 😀🖌


I honestly don’t know how to make those! Could you please PM me how?😅😁


Fresh and New!


I have also replaced the original airline I created, with two redesigns of Qantas and Jetstar, shown at the main post!


I’ve noticed those triangle things have been used in to many modern logos/liveries. They are used in game loading screens also. I personally like them.



Nice @emir_sergio! Hope to see that in the future 👍🏻


but our official livery is made by @BavariaAVIATION :

Concept airline livery design 747

Those are by far not all and by far the worst of mine. And I didn’t use this program for them.


This looks very nice!!! :)