Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


Would love to see you do one on the CRJs


I’ve done one on the CRJ-700 if you wanna check that one out



Made by me J.22YT_HD


Winds were xxx@22G32 at St.Thomas
Loving the new suspension animation on the A320 family


GAF Euro Forces No.11 Squadron arriving at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 2018.

We had five F-22s and one F-16, arriving in pairs separated by 7NM flying at 400 knots. This meant that each pair of aircraft was roughly one minute apart.


Are you part of a specific/official Infinite Flight group for fighter jets?


I’m in Global Air Forces. More info here:


Awesome! I wondered if someone had organized a formation group.


There are a few! Check out the IFVARB Database to find out more!


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One of my best so far.


Better moves than I’ve ever seen from an IF airforce


It’s not an Air Force by the way. It’s an aerobatics team


That’s the point. It makes it more realistic. 🙃😏