Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Great shots! Must have been pretty fun! :D




Frontier and Beyond and a little bit of photoshop


Wow! Didn’t even see the clouds. Looks incredible like always!


KABQ–>KDEN in the CCX.
In the background is the Southern Ute Reservation, the Jicarilla Nation Reservation and way off in the distance is the Navajo Nation Off-Reservation Trust Land…

To the left I am coming up on the Rio Grande National Forest…

And to the right I am passing over Monte Vista/Del Norte/Center, Colorado…

I absolutely love flying over the Western half of the USA.


Some pics I took when practicing my landings


Something about Southwest Airlines that’s make me wanna haul a** to my destination


Took this screenshot, uploaded to my Facebook filtered

Thought it was cool, so i edited it in Adobe Illustrator


Upper Manhattan


thats a really interesting LOD! i guess those expensive satellite shots fds buys is worth it :)


Wow looks almost real!😃🤩😳😍


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My old home near central park, Central park is truly a beautiful place



If we had the A350 in IF!



Woow thats an awesome picture!






Group flight- Transaero

[Completed] Aeroflot Virtual Groupe presents “Remembering Transaero” 🇷🇺 @ KJFK - 120400ZJUL18

Going Spotting