Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Arrival into MOSCOW from DOHA!


Very difficult flying with over 50knt winds!!!😮😧


Loving the new CRJ900!


Departing VIDP [Delhi] En Route Mumbai [VABB]


Low Visibility, High Traffic


Some pics down right wind approach to Zagreb. Beautiful scenery with the sun popping from the east!



I used the glitch at VNLK (Lukla) where if you spawn on approach, you go inside a mountain. I’m pretty sure you have to use an f22.


What cam did u use to get that?


Looks like Free Cam to me.




I have no idea now how many hundreds of replies back in this thread l first posted my initial interrogative about the glitch… nor do l even remember it but thanks anyway for your eventual reply !!!


Air Canada 781 CYYZ-KLAX 5 hour flight. Beautiful scenery on this flight. Spotted two Air Canada livery’s at CYYZ… one 787 going to Quebec and another 777 flying over the Atlantic to Zurich… I Landed not to long ago but hope those pilots are having a safe and smooth flight. Landed in Los Angeles in the afternoon with probably one of my smoothest landings yet and did some spotting while my plane rested from a long flight through America . (Pictures not in order) Enjoy


wow! absolutely amazing pics! i like the filters, too :)


OMG!!! That’s amazing! Dude, Infinite Flight 2020? lol


landing in Atlanta


Thanks !! Really happy you enjoyed appreciate the nice comment


happy #tailtuesday! duo Boeing✈✈ Morning is everything, rise and shine😉☺
🙏~Have a great day~😊
ACA B789 and B77W AFR are close together

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Sometimes you got to give some love to the C-130 ❤️✈️ Recon Mission with my team.




I’m sorry to be critical but that’s not really a “best Infinite Flight photo”. To get the best result a use areas covered by 15m scenery resolution, and be sure to turn all HUD elements off.