Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


That picture looks really nice !!👍🏽


Thanks! @Jay757

I kind of like it myself too. 😉


Spotting @MishaCamp


Pattern work in the fog, at EGJJ


What a shot! Follow my Instagram for more great content @shawnaviationz


Wow nice photoshop! That almost looks real!


Thank you very much😉👌


Caught this one as tower at KSAN


FedEx Preparation to Memphis 🌅


Where are you taking off from?


KLAX @Xpira ☀️ Beautiful airport!


Sorry, I just feel really good about this post. 😎


Garuda Indonesia with flight number GA 685 takes off from MDC, will depart to UPG 🇮🇩🛫✈
😀~Have a nice day~😉
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Your photoshopping skills are awseome! You should do more of these.


Thank you! I also is working some new photos,stay tune ;)


I would never mean to be the slightest bit cheeky, or rude, but I for one never really liked tge landing aid (I guess it makes sense in your visibility situation)


Hi KingWings

Do you mean the red boxes? If so your right, I should try without them, I’m new to infinite flight, so very much learning, I’m ok at using the horizontal ILS thing, but need more practice to combine it with the vertical one… only at something like 115 landings total… deffo needs more work


I see, well you should have a lot of fun with IF @Paul_Robson!


I am, annoyingly addictive, as don’t have alot of free time… ;o)


I would definitely say I’m addicted but it’s not annoying to me lol I love infinte flight!